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Road to High School - NYC

This isn't a global problem, but in NYC finding the right high school for your kid is a long, complicated, and often overwhelming process. You have public, private, religious, and charter schools to choose from, and they each have different admissions processes. That doesn't mean there are just four admissions processes, but dozens, as New York privates and boarding schools pride themselves on being "independent," which is great sometimes, but for admissions it absolutely sucks. And public schools in the city, I mean, just look at this flow chart by Parsons (check the comments)


A site or app to help people do a comprehensive self-assessment, figure out which schools would be best for them, and then put together a plan and timetable for completing all of the applications would be phenomenal. It would help the lives of thousands of families right away.


And maybe this guy would even pay you to make it: NYC Admissions Solutions | 347.709.2258 | High School Admissions in New York City


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